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Summer College Student Jobs

Finally the school year is coming to an end and summer is right around the corner. For all those students it’s time to start looking for a summer job and prepare for next year’s tuition costs. The good news is summer college student jobs open all around the country because more people are hired during the summer months to help with the vacation seasons and warm weather.

The bad news is with the recession hitting college student and young adults the most, summer jobs are becoming scarce. People are going on fewer vacations, not eating out as much and only sending their kids to one camp. But there is hope for students and summer opportunities.

Jobs for College Students

Summer Camps Counselor/ Coach

If you are active and love the outdoors than apply at summer camps, sport camps or adventure camps around your community. You have been studying and indoors the whole winter so why not take advantage of the warm months and enjoy a summer job outside.

Being a camp counselor and sports coach is a great opportunity to work outside, stay fit with all the activities, training and get some training under your belt on planning events, leading and responsibility. If working outside with kid’s interest you then start search for summer jobs at camps.

Internships and Assistantships

Students plan to work in their desired career field after graduation but they often realize the difficultly in landing a career. Businesses and companies are looking for college students to vest time and resources into instead of hiring people from Craigslist.

Most companies don’t advertise internships and assistantships so college students initiative and approach business and companies for these summer opportunities.

Learning Programs or Research Grants

So many students work dead-end jobs during the summer but is that the smartest choice? If you are studying for a certain career field than why not work at your college and gain more education in that field. Learning programs and research grants is like getting paid for building your resume, what can be better than that.

This is probably one of the best opportunities for college students and should be available at universities and local companies.

College Work Study

If you come from a lower-income family or have financial needs you may qualify for a work-study program at your university. The great thing about work-study is it can be year-long and not just a summer job. College work-study programs pay up to $3,000 without affecting your financial package.

Most work-study programs are held at the college but some programs are in the community from state worker to life guards. Another plus to work-study is you can work all school year at the university and have a summer job without any scheduling difficulties. Check with your university about work-study if you think you are eligible.

Create Your Own Job

College student’s greatest strength is their ideas and thinking is fresh in solving problems or making their communities a better place. It is amazing hearing about students creating their own business while in college and pasting it on to younger college students after they graduate. Two brothers I knew in college started a lawn mowing/snow shoveling business that financed their college education. Another college student had his own car washing and dealing business in the evenings and on the weekends making $30 an hour.

Why the heck are so many college students looking for jobs at Starbucks, Safeway and Subway? Jobs for college students are out there even with on country’s recession. Look around your community, talk with the jobs center at your university and walk around the community you’re living in and see what problem you can solve.

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