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The Top 5 College Student Jobs

College education is expensive and it is often necessary for students to get college student jobs. There are several options available, but not all of them are good.

1. Library Jobs

Becoming a student librarian is one of the most sought after college student jobs. There are no special skills required and the job is fun, especially for those who love reading. Most students who take this job end up doing better in class because they have a lot of free time and all they can do is read.

2. Campus Guide

Students in large campuses can become campus tour guides. All that is required is knowledge of the different buildings and the history of the campus. Becoming a campus tour guide is a good way to meet new people and on top of the normal pay, students may receive tips.

3. Tutor

Students who are good in a particular course can become a tutor in that subject. The money is good and the hours are flexible. Becoming a tutor is a good way of improving grades because the more one tutors, the more he/she learns. Also, tutoring can look good on a resume if you are going into an education profession.

4. Online Jobs

Most students have computers, computer skills, and free time. There are several online jobs that students can make money with such as affiliate marketing where the student promotes products for a commission, blogging, creating products and selling them in online markets and stores, and offering services for a fee. Other options are freelance writing where the student can write articles for editorials, writing e-books, writing essays, and data entry. Some online jobs pay very well, and they can transfer into full time careers after college.

5. Lab Assistance

Becoming a lab assistant is a good option for students taking sciences. It is also a good way to improve grades because the student will have access to experiments and to the professors. Lab assistant jobs can be very competitive, so make sure to list all your previous science experience in your application.

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